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Spotify signs deal with Tunecore: Stream your band to your fans

A deal between Spotify and Tunecore means you could soon add your own music to the popular streaming service without the small matter of a record deal

If you're a budding musical genius with a head full of tunes, a heart full of sorrow, and a laptop full of Spotify playlists, you'll soon be able to appear on the popular music-streaming service without needing a record contract. Spotify has signed a deal with Tunecore that should see gaps in the streaming service's catalogue filled up with new artists.

Tunecore is a distribution service for your music. It spreads your tunes to Amazon MP3, iTunes, eMusic, Napster and more. You can earn money from streams on MySpace and even put your songs on Rock Band for fans to play along. A single on all 19 stores costs you $10 (£6), or you can release unlimited songs for $48 (£32) per year, all with your own artwork.

Meanwhile, Spotify Premium subscribers wait with baited breath for the update that will bring musical multitasking to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile app. The new feature, introduced in iOS 4, will let you continue to listen to Spotify even when you use other apps on your Apple devices.