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Spotify outs Private Listening, you save face

Don't fear if you have an embarrassing playlist or two -- you can now stop your Facebook friends finding out, thanks to Private Listening.

Good news if you're a Spotify user not keen on all your Facebook friends knowing exactly what you're listening to. Spotify has just detailed its Private Listening feature, which lets you listen to what you want with no one the wiser. Crank up the hair metal.

If you're on a Mac, just go to the Menu bar, click Spotify and then Private Listening. On Windows, it's in the File submenu. Your music will stay unbroadcast across the Web until you turn off the feature, and your Mister Mister obsession will be just between us.

Disabling it full time is a little more involved -- follow the steps here to find out how.

Announcing the option, CEO Daniel Ek tweeted: "We're rolling out a new client as we speak where you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures. It works like a browser's private mode.

"We call it 'private listening' and you can find it in the Spotify/File menu and toggle it on/off."

He went on to say it would work for the session you're in, so if you want to turn it off permanently you can do so in preferences. So if you're happy sharing, but want to blast the Sex Mix for a while, it should come in handy.

Last week Spotify announced a deal to let users share what they're listening to with their Facebook friends. Then it was revealed Spotify required new users to have a Facebook account, and everyone screamed "Conspiracy!" Ek took to Twitter to defend the move, saying him and the company try lots of things, "and probably screw up from time to time," but would change options based on feedback.

On 27 September, following the furore, he tweeted: "Don't know if I should be happy about this, but at least my Twitter follow numbers are increasing."