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Spotify CEO expects Apple to open up more after antitrust complaint, report says

Daniel Ek says the ability to use Siri is a positive step, Bloomberg reported.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek opines that Apple is moving in the right direction for further collaboration.
Angela Lang/CNET

Spotify's boss apparently thinks Apple will open up its platform in the wake of the music streaming service filing an antitrust complaint with the European Union in 2019. CEO Daniel Ek told Bloomberg his company is "encouraged" by its ability to use Siri for voice support, along with being able to make products for Apple TV and Apple Watch.

In 2019, Spotify accused Apple of using its App Store policies to hold Spotify back, since the service competed directly with its Apple Music, in a complaint to the EU's antitrust watchdog. It also criticized Apple for taking a 30% cut of subscriptions -- a policy made that YouTube TV pull out of Apple's in-app payment system in March.

Even though Ek praised Apple for allowing Siri to control non-Apple music services and its plans to let services run on HomePod, he told Bloomberg it has "many, many steps to go" before it can be considered truly open.

Last month, Spotify revealed that it reached 130 million subscribers at the end of March -- a 31% jump from a year earlier.

Neither Apple nor Spotify immediately responded to requests for comment.

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