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Spotify unleashes exclusive Metallica documentary

The new film about Metallica's early years will stream exclusively on Spotify's mobile app.


Spotify on Wednesday announced the release of its first documentary, and it's about a surprising subject: The previously internet-music-phobic band Metallica.

Entitled "Landmark - Metallica: The Early Years," the documentary focuses on the founding of the band in 1981 through to the release of 1984's "Ride The Lighting."

The first episode is available on YouTube and the subsequent three episodes will be released on the mobile version of the streaming service's app on August 18th.

Metallica famously sued Napster in 2000 for copyright infringement, but the band buried the hatchet with its founder Sean Parker in 2012 at the announcement of its exclusive Spotify streaming deal.

Metallica also recently re-released its back catalog on its own website and on Spotify, which includes a better-sounding remaster of its excellent, but audiophile-loathed Death Magnetic.