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Spotify adds miniplayer for playing songs and podcasts inside Facebook app

No more needing to jump between your social-media and music-streaming apps just to play a song.

Spotify's new miniplayer inside the Facebook app. 

Hate when you find a Spotify song on Facebook and it makes you switch apps to play it or manage it? Your problem is being addressed. On Monday, the two tech giants announced a new Spotify miniplayer for Facebook's iOS and Android apps that will allow you to play songs and podcast episodes that your friends, or pages you follow, have shared on the social network without having to bounce between the two apps. 

Available in 27 countries to start, including the US, Australia and Canada (but not the UK), the new functionality will grant those with Spotify Premium accounts the ability to "discover and experience songs and episodes with full playback directly from Spotify." In a blog post accompanying the news, Spotify says the feature will also be available to its free users, though they will need to listen in "shuffle mode with accompanying ads from Spotify."

The music streamer adds that you'll be able to use the miniplayer to play songs from "select verified artists' posts" as well as from "user-uploaded videos on Facebook that contain licensed music." In either scenario, the player will appear at the bottom even as you scroll through your News Feed. 

The feature is rolling out Monday, with Spotify saying that it hopes to bring it to additional markets "over the coming months."

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