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SportsLine debuts Michael Jordan site

The new site is introduced at the same time as an AOL site for fellow Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman comes online, as sports sites proliferate on the Web.

Fans of the Chicago Bulls now have a double-header of sites focused on two of the team's stars.

CBS SportsLine today launched the long-awaited Michael Jordan Web Site, and Jordan's eccentric teammate, Dennis Rodman, is offering visitors to his America Online site the chance to design his next hairstyle.

The Michael Jordan site, which has been in the works since late June, offers users information about Jordan's and the Bulls' statistics, game summaries and previews, monthly audio and video interviews with Jordan, and an online gift shop where consumers can purchase Jordan merchandise.

Jordan will be active on the site, answering selected fan email, contributing an exclusive monthly column, and participating in scheduled online chat sessions, SportsLine said. Although Mark Mariani, executive vice president of SportsLine, would not comment regarding the details of Jordan's compensation, he did say that Jordan would be "sharing in the success of the site."

SportsLine has lined up Microsoft, Gatorade, Oakley, Wilson, Hanes, Ballpark Franks, and WorldCom as charter partners.

SportsLine has 17 other "superstar" sites dedicated to such athletes as Wayne Gretzky, Shaquille O'Neal, and Joe Nameth, which target affluent, educated males, Mariani said.

Web sites dedicated to sports and sports stars are popping up all over the Web. The Internet is offering sports fans more in-depth information about their favorite teams, and can do so much more quickly than traditional sports pages and magazines. These sites have been successful thus far drawing advertisers and surfers to an attractive demographic, and have prompted companies such as Wall Street Journal Interactive and America Online to beef up their sports offerings.

Rodman's new site includes biographical information, statistics, and other special features. The AOL SportsChannel offering will allow fans to email Rodman through "WormWire," and keep up with the star's hair and body art in "Hair Watch and Tattoo Central."

The winner of "Design Dennis' Do" will get to sit in Rodman's personal seats for a Chicago Bulls game and will win dinner in Rodman's Chicago nightclub. Contestants can download a graphic of Rodman's head and a digital set of barbershop tools to create a virtual hairdo. Rodman will personally pick the winning entry, but has not agreed to wear the winning style.