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Sony PlayStation 4 racks up 6 million sales

The console's February 22 launch in Japan alone has so far kicked in sales of 370,000 units.

Sony's PlayStation 4.
Sony's PlayStation 4.

Sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 have surpassed the 6 million mark after less than four months, according to Sony.

Revealing the latest stats on Tuesday, Sony said that customers have purchased more than 6 million PS4 units globally as of Sunday. That number includes the 370,000 units sold in Japan since the console launched there on February 22.

The latest sales figure shows a steady rise from the 5.3 million units sold as of February 8 and the 2.1 million sold in the first two weeks following the PS4's initial launch in November. The console is currently available in 57 countries around the globe.

Software sales for the PS4 topped 13.7 million as of March 2, Sony added. That number covers both retail store sales and digital downloads from the PlayStation Store. Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription service has won over more than half of all PS4 owners, according to Sony. Ranging in price from $10 for one month to $50 for 12 months, PS Plus rewards PlayStation users with free games, discounts, and other benefits.

In Tuesday's news release, Sony also touted the PS4's social achievements. More than 100 million shares have been captured through the "Share" button on the PS4's wireless controller, while more than 3.6 million gameplay broadcasts have been sent out via the Twitch and Ustream streaming platforms.

Other reports confirm the popularity of Sony's new console. In January, the PS4 beat Microsoft's Xbox One as the top-selling gaming console, NPD said last month. NPD didn't reveal specific numbers, but Bloomberg said that sales of the PS4 were almost double those of the Xbox One.

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