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Songza tunes into Weather Channel data for music selection

A new partnership means you could hear Burt Bacharach crooning in your ear when raindrops start falling on your head.


Music-streaming service Songza and the Weather Channel's parent company announced a partnership Thursday for Songza to recommend music based on weather data.

Songza has long touted itself as serving up tunes based on individual context -- the day, time, device type, location, and past behavior. The companies said weather data will give that ability a boost.

The mission of Songza "requires being excellent at two things: expert human content curation and algorithmic, data-driven anticipation of users' content needs, so customers don't have to work to find the perfect thing," Songza Chief Executive Elias Roman said. The new data will help the service accurately predict listener context, he said.

The two partners gave the examples of weather-related music to accompany a sunny stroll, stargazing on a clear night, or watching the sunset, adding that the data can mean accommodating "subconscious changes to people's routines that are driven by relative changes in temperature, precipitation and more."

Songza's "concierge" music service, launched about two years ago and now reaching more than 5 million monthly active users, lives in a streaming-music market that is quickly growing but also becoming even more competitively intense. Music industry data show that streaming services are the fastest-growing segment of music sales, but competitors with powerful backers -- like iHeartRadio, owned by Clear Channel, and Beats Music, which is in a partnership with AT&T -- have taken up the flag of being the digital music service with a strong human touch.