Software medley for Microsoft

The week ends with a flurry of activity for Microsoft. The biggest news: An appeals court sets it free from a requirement to carry Sun's Java software.

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roundup The week ends with a flurry of activity involving Microsoft's applications. The biggest news: An appeals court sets the company free from a preliminary injunction requiring it to carry Sun's Java software.

Microsoft eases e-mail licensing
Companies will not have to pay as much to keep their e-mail-addicted employees happy under new licensing terms established by the software maker for the next version of Exchange.
June 27, 2003

Court curbs Microsoft Java distribution
Federal judges deal a legal blow to Sun, tossing out most of a preliminary injunction requiring Microsoft to carry its rival's version of an interpreter for the Java language..
June 26, 2003

Windows 2000 fixes released
Microsoft announces the official release of the fourth service pack for Windows 2000, providing security fixes and support for USB 2.0.
June 26, 2003

Time running out for Windows NT
Microsoft's extended support for the 7-year-old workstation version of the operating system ceases at the end of the month.
June 26, 2003

Microsoft, Sun charge into mobile billing
A battle is brewing between the companies to win a share of spending by cell phone service providers.
June 26, 2003

Remodeled Office to help disabled users
Microsoft plans to adds tools in the next version of Office and other future products to make them easier to use for people with disabilities.
June 26, 2003

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Microsoft cuts consulting jobs
The company lays off 161 workers as part of a restructuring of its consulting business. The cut is among the larger ones in the company's 28-year history.
June 26, 2003