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Software maker launches remote-access tools

Among new products from 3am Labs is a free tool for accessing a PC via any device with a browser.

Software maker 3am Labs on Wednesday announced three new remote-access products in its Logmein suite, which is aimed at mobile users.

3am Labs makes software that lets people access their desktop files through a secure connection over a network and remotely control their desktop PCs. The company's software also lets IT workers remotely fix PCs.

The first new product, Logmein Pro, has features such as file and folder synchronization, secure file distribution and remote-to-local printing--all targeted at mobile business users. Using secure file distribution features, workers can share large data files like presentations and spreadsheets by sending a secure link to the recipient. The recipient can click the link to download files.

Logmein Scout is designed to let network administrators detect Logmein Pro and other remote-access products. The tool also lets administrators enforce usage policies on their networks.

3am Labs will also release a free version of its Logmein desktop remote control package. People can access desktop applications on their home or business PC from any device with a browser. The process is similar to building an instant and secure virtual private network, the company said. The software can be downloaded from the company's Web site.

The company is touting the security features of its products. Logmein software deployed at a target computer maintains a constant Secure Sockets Layer connection with one of the company's gateway servers, 3am Labs said. People don't need to reconfigure firewalls, and both incoming and outgoing data is encrypted, the company said.

The company sells its software on a subscription basis. Logmein Pro costs $12.95 a month, the Woburn, Mass.-based software maker said.

Remote access tools have become more important as more business users work outside of traditional offices.