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SoftQuad wants to make HoTMetaL hotter

SoftQuad is expanding its HoTMetaL Pro HTML editing tool to include some of the latest Web innovations.

SoftQuad is expanding its HoTMmetaL Pro HTML editing tool to include some of the latest Web innovations, such as JavaScript and support for ActiveX.

HoTMetaL Pro 3.0 will support drag-and-drop placement of Java applets, JavaScript, ActiveX controls, Shockwave movies, and other multimedia elements. The new version of the tool also features WYSIWYG display of Web pages, frames editing, and templates for speeding design of pages.

The product will cost $179 and will ship in May for Windows and in July for Macintosh.

HoTMetaL Pro 3.0 is competing in an increasingly crowded marketplace with HTML editors from well-known vendors such as Microsoft with its $149 FrontPage and Netscape Communications with its $79 Na vigator Gold 2.0.