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​Snapchat's emoji pins are crazy fun. Here's how to use them

Take your Snapchat game to another level with this new feature.

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Snapchat sensed you might be getting bored with swapping faces, so you can now stick emojis on moving objects in your Snapchat videos instead.

You've always been able to add emojis to your photo or video snaps, but now those emojis can move along with whatever face -- or thing -- you tie it to.

The end result makes something like this possible:

Fun, right? As you can see with the taco emojis (below), the emoji pins don't have to cover the selected object -- they can move around it too.

How to use Snapchat's emoji pin feature

To pin an emoji in Snapchat, record a video, ideally one that focuses on a moving object. It could be someone dancing or a dog running around (see above). Once you're happy with the video, tap the emoji icon at the top of the preview screen and select the one you want to use.

Twitter user @NoPattern used the new feature to fill his world with emoji tacos.

Twitter user @NoPattern.

I suggest re-sizing the emoji at this point. Once you pin it, it's harder to re-size it without having to re-pin. Next, long press on the emoji until the video pauses. Drag the emoji to the item you want it to follow. Snapchat will reload the video, and the emoji should follow along.

In testing, it's taken me a few tries to get Snapchat's tracking feature to work properly. I captured another video which started with my dog further away, but Snapchat couldn't track him until he got much closer. The new feature is easiest to use on videos that feature objects moving closer to the camera.

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