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Snapchat's Context Cards help you interact with the world

Swipe up on a Snap when you're out and about to see reviews, hail a ride or make a reservation.

Swipe up on the Snap on the left, and see the Context Cards with info on your location. 

Snapchat's newest feature wants to help you stay informed while you're sharing pics on the popular social network.

Swipe up on any Snap that says "More" and you'll see Context Cards, starting Tuesday. At launch, Context Cards can show you basic information about a restaurant or store nearby, such as reviews and a map. Eventually, Context Cards will include info from a host of partners including TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Michelin, Goop, Uber, Lyft, OpenTable, Resy and Bookatable.

SnapChat is making a move to be the center of your social life with Context Cards, as the company aims to launch any info you might need from your Snap. With the partners listed above, you'll be able to see travel tips and well reviewed places near your location. You'll be able to hail a ride through Uber or Lyft. You'll even be able to make a restaurant reservation with OpenTable or Bookatable.

Certain locations will have curated Snaps called Stories integrated into their Context Cards, so you can see what the place is like when deciding whether or not to eat or shop there. 

Context Cards will launch simultaneously on SnapChat for iOS and Android in the US, UK and Australia, as well as Canada and New Zealand.