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Snapchat year in review: How to see and send your look back at 2021

See highlights like early mornings, late nights and pictures with pets.

Snapchat 2021 highlights
Snapchat is wrapping up your year.
Screenshot by Corinne Reichert/CNET

It's mid-December, and Snapchat has joined Facebook, Instagram and Spotify in launching its year in review feature.

A Look Back at 2021 will round up a random assortment of your snaps from the year across categories like pets, water, filters and staying in.

Here's how to see, send and save your 2021 Snapchat highlights

1. Open the Snapchat app to the camera screen.

2. Click the photo icon, which is to the left of the circle you press to take a snap (the icon you would normally click to see your snaps from this day last year).

3. You'll see a yellow tile labeled A Look Back at 2021 appear at the top of your feed.

4. Click that and watch through the highlights chosen by Snapchat.

5. You can then select certain highlights to send to individual people or post to your story, you can edit the 2021 highlights and you can save the entire highlight reel to your phone.

Snapchat has included sections like snaps you took during 2021 in the early mornings, late nights, while staying at home, with pets, around water, with filters and with captions that included the laughing emoji or a smiling face.

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