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Snapchat World Lenses turn any room into a butterfly garden

The new filters add floating clouds, hearts and butterflies to your ho-hum workspace or living room.

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Ready to see the world through Snapchat's eyes?

Snap Inc. on Tuesday updated its iOS and Android apps to include World Lenses, a series of augmented-reality filters you can use with your back-facing camera. The new filters include a winter wonderland, butterfly garden and clouds that puke rainbows, helping folks liven up even the most boring office spaces and family gatherings.

The World Lenses feature adds to Snapchat's long-running rotation of filters for people's faces, including those that turn your face into a honeybee, dog or alien. The new capability might be useful for Snap's Spectacles, the social company's upcoming sunglasses with built-in camera.

Updated, 10:26 a.m. PT: Adds Android update.