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Snapchat snags over $1.8B in funding

The extra surge in funds reportedly put the company's value near $20 billion.


Proving it has value beyond teens sending risqué images to each other, Snapchat has just secured $1.81 billion in funding.

While Snapchat hasn't officially disclosed its overall valuation, TechCrunch reports that the additional funds could put the value of the company at around $20 billion.

Snapchat's giant boost in funding comes amid worries that this new era of "unicorns," or high-valued startups, is near its peak.

Snapchat did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Personally, I'm hoping that the extra funds will result in even more emojis I can stick on top of my face in videos.

This article also appears in Spanish. Read: Snapchat recibe inyección de US$1,810 millones