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Snapchat draws ire over 'racist' filter

The filter, which has since been removed, overlaid exaggerated Asian facial features, prompting cries of racism.

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Snapchat is in trouble once more over a filter seen by many as racist.

John Clarke/Twitter/screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

A Snapchat filter depicting the facial features of an Asian person has stirred up controversy yet again for the photo and video sharing service.

Rolled out on Tuesday, the filter portrayed exaggerated characteristics of an Asian person with slanted eyes and upturned eyebrows. That caused one Twitter user who posted a photo of someone using the filter to tell Snapchat that it's "yellowface" and should be taken down.

Yellowface is a term used to describe the practice of representing Asians with yellow skin and slanted eyes.

Snapchat has since taken down the offending filter. The company didn't immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

On Wednesday, Snapchat told The Guardian that the filter was an "anime-inspired Lens" that has "expired" and "won't be put back into circulation."

Snapchat offers filters that you can digitally apply to photos of your face. The idea is to give yourself a different look by adding certain facial features and other effects. The filters are meant to be fun and playful.

The so-called "yellowface" incidence is the latest in which Snapchat has drawn flak for its filters. Critics have accused it of favoring filters that lighten skin tones, while its Bob Marley filter, with dreadlocks and a cap, drew outrage as a "blackface" filter.

Twitter user John Clarke called the yellowface filter "the most overly racist filter ever." Others on Twitter shared their outrage.

"Racism...isn't anything new," tweeted user Sarah Emerson. "It's just been formalized in a Snapchat filter. You just made racism easier."

Another, Amanda Rosenberg, tweeted: " Hi @Snapchat I'd like to apply for your open "Is This Racist?" Manager role."

And user grace said: "@Snapchat wanna tell me why u thought this yellowface was ok?"

Now playing: Watch this: Snapchat removes racially insensitive filter