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Snapchat launches Snappables AR experiences

Snapchat users will soon be able to invite friends to augmented-reality games and experiences via Lenses called Snappables.

Snapchat is launching new augmented-reality Lenses for gaming with friends, the company announced in a post Wednesday. 

Snappables is a new form of Lenses, the augemented-reality filters that apply special effects within the Snapchat app. Snappables expands Lenses to create shared experiences and gaming capabilities between users.


Snapchat introduced Snappables AR Lenses Wednesday. 


Snappables live within Snapchat's Lens Carousel to the left side of the capture button. World and Face Lenses are on the right. Users can control Snappables with motion, touch and facial expressions. 

Some Snappables act as portals to virtual worlds, while others are multiplayer games. Users can choose a Snappable Lens and invite friends to compete in games or participate in experiences, including basketball, rock band and alien warfare. 

Snapchat will roll out Snappables to iOS and Android devices globally this week, and new Snappables will be released every week.