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Snapchat adds My Places feature to Snap Map for local recommendations

The social media app is taking a spin on features from Yelp and Google Maps.

Snapchat can spot more than 30 million places with the My Places feature in Snap Map. 
Angela Lang/CNET

Snapchat is adding more to its location-sharing feature, Snap Map, with a feature it calls My Places

The new feature lets Snapchatters discover popular locations and save their favorite places to revisit later. They can also see where they've been with the "Visited" tab. It also lets you see where others are in your area so that you can catch up in person. 

Snapchat introduced My Places on Wednesday, following in the footsteps of Google Maps and Yelp, both of which are popular ways to find places to eat, stay or check out.

"With My Places, Snapchatters can discover more than 30 million businesses, log their favorite local spots, and even find personalized recommendations informed by their friends and the global Snapchat community," the article says. 

Later this year, Snapchat plans to add more features in partnerships with Ticketmaster and The Infatuation, an online restaurant recommendation service. 

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