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Smssy to Twttr to Twitter: A look back at what could have been

Twitter founders flew through a series of naming conventions before eventually perching on its well-known brand. And yes, Smssy was one of the options.

To tweet or not to tweet? That never would have been the question if the company's co-founders had chosen another name.

According to the author of "Hatching Twitter" and New York Times columnist Nick Bilton, the company considered a series of names for the social network before eventually landing on Twitter. The company's co-founders considered Twitch, Smssy, Twittr, and the oh-so-pleasant Friendstalker, according to Bilton. Twitter also explored the possibility of adding a tagline to the logo: "An Odeo Thingy." The tagline referenced where the company's co-founders were working when they hatched the tweeting service.

Twitter has become a hot topic on Wall Street after going public last week. The company's shares were offered at $26, but quickly jumped to $45.10 on their first trading day. As of this writing, Twitter is trading at $42.63.

Twitter also went through a series of logo designs. Its first logo was designed by Noah Glass, a former co-founder reportedly pushed aside by Jack Dorsey and Evan Stone, among others. That logo was essentially a "blob of green goop," Bilton points out. It was quickly replaced by the now-iconic bird.

(Via The Verge)