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Sleep like a rock, wake up like Iron Man with Sleep.fm

Wake up to the weather like Tony Stark with Sleep.fm's new browser based alarm clock alarm. It beats the buzzer--but only by so much.

Okay so Sleep.fm, the browser based "social alarm clock" won't actually help you sleep, but it's got a brand new way to wake you up that's straight out of a science fiction movie. In this case it's this past summer's blockbuster hit Iron Man, where Tony Stark's journalist friend wakes up to a local weather report spoken by computer butler Jarvis.

Sleep.fm now offers something similar by waking you up to the local weather conditions and temperature with with a computer-generated voice and soft bell sounds. All you need to do is drop in your zip code and what time you want. It lets you stack up as many alarms as you wish, and they'll play as long as you've got that browser tab up and running.

Going forward the service plans to offer a call-back service that lets you delegate certain alarms as phone calls, so you'll be able to get it beamed to your handset in case you've got one of the few cell phones without its own alarm feature. It could also be a fantastic way to get out of an awkward blind date.

You can now choose to be woken up by the weather conditions of any zip code you choose with browser based alarm system Sleep.fm. CNET Networks