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Huzzah! Threaded messaging finally coming to Slack

It's about time. The collaboration tool gets the highly-requested ability to group related message replies together.

Threaded messaging is finally coming to Slack.

The wait is almost over.

Threaded messaging is finally coming to Slack, the popular messaging and collaboration service. It will roll out in "the next few days" and will be available on both desktop and mobile versions, according to an announcement posted by the company.

Threaded messaging -- or the ability to group related message replies together in an easy-to-read format -- has been a highly-requested feature for the platform, which launched in 2013. Now users can follow up on certain conversation topics by branching off smaller messaging threads. You can loop others in by an @-mention and post back to the original, broader channel if need be.

Replies on a thread won't automatically render a Slack channel as "unread," and you won't be notified unless someone directly mentions you in the thread (this is good for anyone who has "notification badge anxiety" like yours truly.) However, Slack is setting up an "All Threads" view on the left-hand menu, so you can keep track of all the threads you are participating in.

For more about the feature, read Slack's update here.

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