Slack is down, so it's time to contemplate how far humanity has come

Once again, it's not just you.

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Sean Hollister

This is completely unrelated to Slack and just an image I picked in a hurry. But maybe it points at the next technology addiction for us fickle humans.

Sean Hollister/CNET

Oh, the human reliance on technology -- we're already so dependent on a small number of products made by a tiny number of companies that when one of them goes down, it feels like the whole world has come to a screeching halt.

GIF by Morgan Little/CNET

Today, that product is Slack, the giant team messaging app that many companies -- including us here at CNET -- use to communicate with each other. (Over 8 million people use Slack every single day.)

Tomorrow, it might be Facebook, or Twitter or something else.

This is the reason why email still exists, folks. Or, you know, ears and mouths. 

Here are a couple of other times Slack has caused us to do some navel-gazing by virtue of an outage. There have been others, and there will be more.

Update, 11:39 a.m. PT: Looks like Slack is back up. We're no longer seeing many reports that it's down -- though Slack the company says "we may not be out of the woods yet."

Update, 11:55 a.m. PT: We're all clear now.

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