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Skype handles 2 billion minutes of connections daily

The Internet phone and messaging service shares an impressive statistic and shows it remains a powerhouse when it comes to communications.


Skype said today that it now handles 2 billion minutes of connections each day.

That's an impressive milestone for any company, and it highlights that Skype remains a major player when it comes to the communications game.

That tally doesn't account for Internet phone calls solely; it also includes video calls, group chats, and instant messages. The service, a unit of Microsoft, likely is poised to grow with the Redmond, Wash., giant, which is eager to integrate it into more platforms, such as Windows Phone.

The company made its name on free Skype-to-Skype calls. It then expanded to small businesses and began charging consumers to connect Skype accounts to regular phone lines. The service continues to be a popular one, particularly for users looking to make international calls without paying the typically higher rates. One of the keys to its service is the breadth of products that can use Skype, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and even televisions.

To celebrate the milestone, Skype released a lighthearted infographic illustrating what can be accomplished in 2 billion minutes, including 33 million hours of laughter, 1.38 million days of collaboration, and flying around the world in a plane more than 700,000 times.

"With numbers like these, it's clear that Skype is for more than just for special occasions," the company said in a blog post today.