Skype adds Facebook integration for Mac users

The latest beta of Skype for the Mac adds in the Facebook integration that's been part of the Windows version since the end of July.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney

Lance Whitney/CNET

Skype users on a Mac can now dive into their Facebook accounts courtesy of the same updates that the Windows version has offered for awhile.

The latest beta for the Mac--Skype 5.4 for Mac--integrates Facebook directly into the Skype software. This means that Mac users can IM their Facebook friends without leaving Skype. They can also access their Facebook pages to update their status and read and comment on their friends' posts.

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As described in Skype's blog, Mac users simply need to fire up Skype and initially give the software permission to access their Facebook account. They should then be able to see their Facebook profile as part of the Skype home screen and view their Facebook friends in their contact list.

This deeper Facebook integration has been available for Windows users since the end of July via Skype for Windows 5.5. Skype didn't provide any indication as to when the new Mac version may come out of beta status.

Along with the Facebook update, Skype has also started including display ads in the new release. Paying Skype customers won't seen the ads, but those using the service for free will now have to contend with them.