Sky Mobile TV for iPad review: Sports, news and sporting news

After the success of Sky Mobile TV for the iPhone, Sky has launched an iPad-specific version of the live video-streaming service. Read on for pricing and the verdict on whether it's purchase-worthy

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Having experienced some success with Sky Mobile TV on the iPhone, media juggernaut Sky is expanding its reach to the now officially fertile iPad market, with a version of the app designed specifically for Apple's scintillating slate, which launched in the UK today.

What is Sky Mobile TV?
So glad you asked. Essentially it's a way to stream certain Sky channels live via your iPad. Currently on offer are Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4, Sky Sports News and Sky News. The service also shows you what's coming up on those channels.

How does it look?
Live-streaming video looks very good on the iPad's screen. There are a few really neat features, such as pausing the stream, and a button to rewind by 30 seconds, which could potentially be a real lifesaver if you absolutely must pop to the loo seconds before that game-changing goal.

How much does it cost?
Blimey, full of questions today aren't we? Well, here's the bad news -- Sky Mobile TV costs £6 per month for existing Sky TV and Sky Player TV customers, and a wince-inducing £35 per month if you're not a Sky customer at all. The app itself, however, is free to download and install.

So... should I buy it?
Probably not. The channels currently on offer will only appeal to sports fans, so unless you're absolutely sport-crazy you'll want to think twice before shelling out. If you do watch enough sport to justify a purchase, there are some limits that might make you think again. If you're not a Sky subscriber it's just ludicrously expensive, but if you're already a customer, think about where you're likely to use this app. The video only streams over Wi-Fi, so you're limited to hotspots or your home, where presumably you could be watching it on the telly anyway.

One potentially fantastic application for this service is to keep your iPad in the bathroom. Add a little sporting fun -- or frightening world news -- to your currently dull toilet breaks!

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