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Sky Go adds ITV channels in time for World Cup

From today, Sky's on-demand mobile service offers five ITV channels, with new drama channel ITV Encore added next week.

The World Cup 2014 in Brazil kicks off on 12 June. Shaun Botterill, Getty Images,

Tablet and smartphone-owning Sky customers will be able to watch ITV's World Cup coverage live as it happens from the comfort of their mobile gadgets, as Sky has added six ITV channels to its Sky Go roster.

ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and children's channel CITV are available to watch live via Sky's mobile service as of today. When upcoming drama channel ITV Encore goes live on 9 June, it will also be available on Sky Go from day one.

Sky Go lets Sky customers watch live or catch-up TV from their mobile, tablet or laptop, as long as they're in the UK. Popular channels including Channel 4, E4, MTV and Dave are already available on Sky Go.

The impending World Cup is only allowed to be shown on free-to-air channels, rather than paid-for services like Sky. The BBC and ITV have secured the rights to broadcast World Cup matches for the 2014 Brazil World Cup, but while ITV is now available on Sky Go, BBC channels remain off limits. ITV will be showing England matches on 19 and 24 June.

Sky Go won't be viewers only option for watching ITV's World Cup matches on a tablet -- the "other side" broadcaster has committed to air fixtures live via its ITV Player service.

Will you be watching the World Cup, or hiding in a below-sea-level bunker until the footie pandemonium has died down? Let me know in the comments.