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Sites Offering Holiday Greetings Online

Cybernauts looking for ways to make the annual holiday card mailing less daunting can find help on the Net in several places. The cost-conscious greeter can send free electronic cards as long as the recipients have email accounts.

Those with some money to spend can send animated cards with personalized greetings to fellow PC users. The cards from Animated Greetings cost $9.95 each and are mailed out to recipients in disk form.

Greetings Unlimited offers a plan for people who have trouble remembering to send cards in the first place. For an annual fee of $39.95, the company will send 10 traditional cards of your choice by snail mail. Those who sign up are eligible for a Christmas card special that offers 20 cards for $10.

If you want to send an electronic card that is personalized with your own photo and greeting, you can order from Virtual Christmas Card. The cost is $20 for letter or photo only, $25 to include both.

Finally, if you're feeling bad about not receiving any holiday greetings online, check out Ron and Susmitha's Christmas Card and holiday greetings from Niles and Wendy Ritter, which are out on the Net for all to enjoy.