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Simplify your Twitter feed with the Little Voices iOS app

This free iOS app filters out replies and tweets with links or images and shows only plain-text tweets.

I can't keep up with Twitter. Each time I stop by, I feel as if I arrived in the middle of hundreds of conversations. I try to sift through the replies and promotional tweets for news items and other interesting Twitter tidbits. More often than not, it's a short stay for me on Twitter. With free iOS app Little Voices, I get a slice of Twitter that's more easily digested.

Getting started with Little Voices take little to no effort, but you will need to have the Twitter app installed. (And if you have multiple accounts, Little Voices will support those.) After installing Little Voices, you just need to answer in the affirmative when the app asks to access your Twitter account. After that, you are off and running with a streamlined version of your Twitter feed.

Little Voices shows only plain-text tweets, filtering out replies and tweets with links and images. If my feed is any indication, with the large amount of tweets that include an image or a link, you'll get a greatly reduced version of your Twitter feed.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Although I like the idea of Little Voices, I wish it offered some flexibility where it let me adjust its filters so I could let in, say, tweets with images or links while keeping out the replies that always make me feel I arrived late to the party when I stop by Twitter.

Then again, Little Voices plainly states that it is a complement to Twitter, not a replacement. Even so, it's not without features that let it stand on its own. The app lets you compose tweets and also reply to and favorite tweets.

(Via OneThingWell)