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Silicon Graphics Unveils Cosmo

SAN FRANCISCO--Silicon Graphics representatives today announced a new set of interactive software technology dubbed Cosmo, which is aimed at bringing fully interactive multimedia applications to the Web.

Four pieces are included in the Cosmo suite: Cosmo Player, Cosmo Create, Cosmo Code, and Cosmo MediaBase.

Cosmo Player is a multimedia cobrowser that will work with Netscape Navigator and other existing browsers. Player includes Cosmo Motion, an engine that will run Cosmo applications on PCs and will take full advantage of graphics and multimedia accelerators, said Tom Jermoluk, president and COO of SGI.

Cosmo Create is a multimedia editor that will include support for Java, JavaScript, and VRML. Cosmo Code will provide a visual application development environment for Java that will allow developers to create Java applications with streaming data. It will also include a group of algorithm libraries with predesigned data structures.

Cosmo MediaBase will allow developers to digitize existing data and include them in Web pages. MediaBase will provide a structure for multimedia assets on the Web, according to Jermoluk.

Cosmo, which will debut during the first half of 1996, will boast open application programming interface (APIs) and cross-platform support for both server and client systems.