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Sign up to be a Firefox Test Pilot, it's just like being a real pilot only a crash won't kill you

Be the first to arrange your tabs down the side of the screen and other experimental features in Mozilla's new scheme.

Like this, only with browser tabs instead of adoring women.
Bettmann Archive/Getty

If you've always wanted to be a test pilot but you're a little more Chuck E. Cheese than Chuck Yeager, Mozilla is here to help. The company wants you to join its Test Pilot scheme to test out experimental features in its Firefox browser, including arranging your tabs down the side of the screen.

Announced in an official blog post, Test Pilot allows you to try out experimental features and give Mozilla feedback. "You can turn them on and off at any time, and you'll always know what information you're sharing to help us understand how these features are used," said Nick Nguyen, vice president of Firefox product at Mozilla.

The first experimental features include Activity Stream, which helps you find things you've browsed before, a souped-up search bar, and tabs arranged vertically down the side of the screen instead of horizontally across the top.

To get involved, download Test Pilot from testpilot.firefox.com.