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You can now sign up to test Microsoft's Cortana app for iOS

Microsoft is looking for iPhone users who want to test its personal assistant, Cortana.

Sarah Tew

On Tuesday Microsoft published a blog post detailing how those interested in helping the company test Cortana, its personal assistant similar to Siri, on an iOS device.

Cortana is currently available on Android and of course Windows 10.

Those interested in testing Cortana on iOS can sign up by filling out this survey, detailing how often you use Cortana, type of iOS device and the current version of iOS installed on your device(s).

Microsoft states it's only looking for a "limited number" of people in the US and China to test an early version of the app. The app will reportedly lack key features,k such as "Hey Cortana" to wake your iPhone -- a feature you shouldn't be surprised is missing due to Apple's restrictions on the platform. Although users should expect the ability to interact with the app via voice, requesting weather forecasts and setting reminders.

If you do fill out the survey, Microsoft will begin sending out emails containing download links "in the coming weeks."