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Sign up for the Fleksy iOS 8 keyboard beta

Running an iOS 8 beta and want to help test a new keyboard? Now's your chance.


One of the more exciting announcements from Apple's big iOS 8 reveal was that the company is going to allow third-party keyboards in iOS. Almost immediately after the event, keyboard companies who are commonplace on Android started announcing their intent to bring each respective solution to iOS 8.

Fleksy is one such keyboard company, and yes, it will be available on iOS 8. In fact, it's already up and running in iOS 8, as shown by this tweet.

As any good developer would want to do when treading into uncharted territory, Fleksy is asking for those interested in beta testing its iOS 8 keyboard to sign up. That means you will need to be running a beta version of iOS 8 in order to participate.

You can express your interest by providing an e-mail address on this page. After which you'll need to wait for Fleksy to send out an e-mail letting you know the beta is up and running.

I don't know about you, but seeing a third-party keyboard running in iOS makes me really, really giddy.