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Shots of Me promotes selfie-sharing -- and Justin Bieber

A cross between Daily Booth and Frontback, Shots of Me skips on comments to take selfie-love to new heights on iPhone.

shots of me
Screenshot/Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

An iPhone app backed by the king of self-promotion is all about -- you guessed it -- self-promotion.

Tuesday, Shots of Me launched on the iPhone as a simple way to let youngsters share smartphone self-portraits -- aka selfies -- sans comments.

In other words, it's Frontback without the back or Daily Booth for a mobile generation. Other than share selfies, users can browse a feed of friends' selfies, find and follow their Twitter friends, "like" photos with a double tap (just like on Instagram), and send private messages.

Rudimentary though the app may be, Shots of Me, developed by San Francisco startup RockLive, may attract a following and at least a little notoriety because it's backed by pop star Justin Bieber. The app also has an invitingly sparse and colorful design, and blends some of the best characteristics of other hit mobile photo-sharing apps.

Of course, Shots of Me is specifically targeted at tweens and teens, a group already infamous for their predilection for sharing selfies on other social platforms, Instagram, and Snapchat in particular. Shots of Me attempts to distinguish itself from the others by not supporting comments, a decision the app's developers hope will curb negativity on the network.