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Short on Valentine's Day ideas? Here are 10 apps to help

Want to know if you are a good kisser? Or how about finding a quote to express your love? Have no clue what to do for Valentine's Day? Here's a guide to help get through the romantic holiday.

Dara Kerr Former senior reporter
Dara Kerr was a senior reporter for CNET covering the on-demand economy and tech culture. She grew up in Colorado, went to school in New York City and can never remember how to pronounce gif.
Dara Kerr
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Screenshot of Red Stamp Cards iPhone app. Red Stamp Cards

Valentine's Day can be stressful. It's one of those holidays that people want to be perfect and therefore is sometimes a let down.

Despite living in a tech era, romantic traditions still seem to adhere. There are flowers to buy, dinner reservations to make, and gifts and cards to exchange. And then, there's the daunting task of coming up with original ideas of what to do on February 14.

None of this is really going change, but technology can help make some of it easier.

Here's CNET's resource guide for 10 helpful Valentine's Day apps:

  • Valentine's Day 2013 -- 14 free apps for love: This app acts as an app curator. It surveys users and then guides them to other free apps based on their lifestyle and Valentine's Day needs. Valentine's Day 2013 is free and in both iTunes and Google Play.
  • Heart Booth: Love heart shapes? Well this app does too. It lets users access their photo library and use dozens of templates to create heart-shaped photos, photos of hearts, and more, which they can then send to their loved one. Heart Booth is free and in iTunes.
  • LaDiDa: Maybe singing a love song to your partner is something you've always wanted to do. But, you can't sing? This app is supposed to help with that. It lets users sing into their phone and then will analyze their voice and compose music to match. LaDiDa is $2.99 and in iTunes.
  • Red Stamp Cards: This app lets users create unique personalized cards that they can e-mail, text, tweet, and put on Facebook and Instagram. Users can add photos and pick from card templates that have editable sentiments. Red Stamp Cards is free and in iTunes.
  • Helpful Romantic -- the romantic idea app: Designed to help users come up with ideas of what to do on Valentine's Day, this app uniquely generates options based on people's personalities. Using a database of ideas, users can tailor the app based on their partner's traits, clothing measurements, and schedule. Helpful Romantic is 99 cents and in iTunes.
  • Valentines Day Recipes: Rather than going out, want to cook something special at home? This app has 140 easy Valentine's Day recipes that include photos and nutrition tips. Valentines Day Recipes is 99 cents and in iTunes.
  • Virtual Candle: Don't have a fireplace? Or candles, for that matter? This app quickly ignites a flame. It comes with several romantic templates and one even has a candle in the shape of a heart. Virtual Candle is free and in iTunes.
  • Love Quotes: Need help coming up with sweet nothings to whisper in your partner's ear? This app claims to have the largest collection of free quotes about love in the app store, for example "Love can hope where reason would despair" by George Lord Lyttleton. Love Quotes is free and in both iTunes and Google Play.
  • Kiss'N Booth: Curious to know how good of a kisser you are? This app has users kiss their smartphone screen and then analyzes the kiss. However, it seems like sort of an odd idea to mix saliva with electronics. Kiss'N Booth is free and in Google Play.
  • Crazy Blind Date by OkCupid: For all those singles out there on Valentine's Day, this app can help users find a date in a pinch. It uses a mathematical algorithm to set people up on blind dates on short notice. Crazy Blind Date is free and in both iTunes and Google Play.