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Shoptalk and sociology at Supernova 2006

Net luminaries including Craig Newmark, Jeremy Allaire and Andy Baio weigh in on blogs, wikis, video and plasma-screen envy.

SAN FRANCISCO--Tech bigwigs from the worlds of business, government and academia are gathered at the Supernova 2006 confab and Wharton West Workshops here to examine how the Net and other paradigm-shifting technologies are making a new world of it--and to offer insights on how to survive in this brave new place.

Heavyweights like Craigslist's Craig Newmark, MySpace co-founder Kyle Brinkman and FCC Commissioner Michael Copps join representatives from Microsoft, Skype, the U.S. Department of Defense, USC's Annenberg Center for Communications and other organizations for three days of shoptalk and sociology.

Social networks, e-commerce, online business applications, blogging and a wireless world--the discussion covers the entire spectrum of issues surrounding Web 2.0, including Google's free hometown Wi-Fi service.

Check back here for the latest video from Supernova and Wharton West. And take a look at PodTech.net's page of podcasts from the event.

CNET News.com's Stefanie Olsen interviews the FCC's Michael Copps after his speech at Supernova 2006. Copps talked about the issue of Net neutrality that's swirling in Washington, D.C.

CNET's Neha Tiwari speaks with Steven Jang and Jan Jannink of Imeem, a new social media service that brings together instant messaging, social networking and digital media.

Tiwari sits down with Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove founder and president, to discuss the future of videos on the Web.

Tiwari converses with Ask.com's Jim Lanzone about search engine expansion, the world's weirdest queries and what sets Ask.com apart from other search tools.

Wikia facilitates a set of communities with member-edited Web sites on everything from "Star Trek" to Firefox to caring for sick pets. Here, down-to-earth CEO Gil Pechina talks about the surprises he's encountered in the Wikia realm, and how growing up in a small town has shaped his virtual-world view.

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark waxes philosophical about socialistic anarchists and plasma-screen envy. Also: the nerd people as a nation, and what sort of success comes to those who screw others.

Despite Craiglist's small staff, the free community classifieds site is expanding to new cities as newspapers lose print classifieds, their traditional bread-and-butter business. But Newmark tells CNET News.com reporter and Washington Post alum Greg Sandoval that he has no desire to kill off the broadsheets.

News.com's Tiwari sits down with Netvibes founder and CEO Tariq Krim to talk about his company's first eight months. Netvibes offers a personalized Web news aggregation service supporting Really Simple Syndication and Atom.

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Plaxo has your number

Tiwari chats with Ben Golub, president and CEO of Plaxo, about the privacy of member records. Plaxo has a centralized online address book and calendar.

Andy Baio, founder of Upcoming.org, sits down to talk with Tiwari. The events-based Web community was recently acquired by Yahoo and is one of many new browser options utilizing microformats, a new standard in Web content.

At Supernova 2006 in San Francisco, Linden Lab founder and CEO Philip Rosedale appears in the flesh and talks with Tiwari about real-world events.

News.com's Tiwari chats with Supernova attendees to see what the buzz was about at the three-day San Francisco summit.