Shifd reimagines the desktop Post-It note

Say goodbye to Post-It notes with Shifd, a bookmarking tool that works on your phone and your desktop.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

Here at Adobe's Engage event in South San Francisco, one of the services getting some buzz is The New York Times' social-bookmarking tool Shifd. It's a neat idea--give users a place to write and share little notes between their PCs and mobile phones, while providing a way to publish those notes to social services people are already using.

This morning the company has released the Adobe Air version of the app, allowing anyone to create and manage notes they've made while offline, and without having to fire up a browser.

The notes you can make are fairly simple in nature. Each note is color-coded and a lot like a Post-It, along with locations and Web links. What makes the app useful is that each link has links to various popular sharing and reference tools. For example, if you save a URL from your clipboard, you can then go back later and access it on your phone or home machine, then push it out to del.icio.us, Digg, Facebook, et al.

Another benefit of using the AIR app is that it functions similar to a widget engine of its own, meaning you can manipulate and keep notes on your desktop as you would with sticky notes.

There are several other companies showing off updated and new AIR apps throughout the day here at Engage, including some we've already written about. To keep track of them, bookmark this link and check back throughout the day.

Leave small Post-It notes and access them on your phone too. CNET Networks