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Shia LeBeouf, imagined as all 13 Doctors from 'Doctor Who'

An artist paints actor Shia LeBeouf as every Doctor from the BBC's "Doctor Who" series. Don't blink. Just don't do it.

The Fourth Shia LeBeouf is easily the most beloved Shia LeBeouf, at least form the old "Doctor Who" series. Brandon Bird

Perhaps there's a logical explanation for the string of antics that have landed actor Shia LeBeouf in the headlines for things like drunk and disorderly behavior. What if all of LeBeouf's behavior of late is because his brain is going all timey-wimey?

That's the question eloquently answered by the artwork of Brandon Bird, who has released a series of prints and paintings to his MyShopify store that envision the actor as all 13 Doctors from the BBC's long-running " Doctor Who" series. Each print perfectly puts LeBeouf in the clothes of the various Doctors from the show, and the descriptions that go along with each piece are equally fitting.

For example, the description for the beloved, colorful scarf-wearing Fourth Doctor reads: "The longest-serving and arguably most beloved Shia LaBeouf. Decades later, when most people think 'Shia LaBeouf' they think of the Fourth Shia LaBeouf."

Yep, pretty much spot on.

Most recently, LeBeouf grabbed attention for his role in a video short made as part of a London art school project. In the video, he appears in front a green screen, shouting motivational phrases such as "DO IT!" and "YES YOU CAN!" The video led to a series of amusing mashup videos that placed the motivational LeBeouf into iconic movie scenes, and even a browser extension that gives you a screaming Shia whenever you need it most.

Those interested in taking home their own Shia LeBeouf Time Lord can purchase prints and even some of the original oil paintings from the store, with prices ranging from $10 (about £6, AU$13) for a poster with all 13 Doctors to $25 (about £16, AU$32) for individual Doctor prints signed by the artist, to $425 (about £270, AU$550) for the original oil paintings.

Sadly, the art won't randomly yell motivational sayings at you, but you can at least rest assured that this is probably the only way you're ever going to see LeBeouf as The Doctor, as he likely won't be tapped to play the role for real anytime soon.

All of the timey-wimey Shia LeBeoufs in all their "glory." Brandon Bird

(Via Laughing Squid)