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Sending that 1GB file over email gets easier

Pando, which lets you download mega files, integrates itself into email.

Pando earlier this year launched it service that lets consumers send 1GB attachments with email. Basically, the download gets send across peer-to-peer networks. Now the company has released plug-ins that let you add the attachments without leaving your email application.

"In the first version, you installed the software. Then you opened the application and typed in an email address. We had a standalone product," said CEO Robert Levitan. "Now you can go to Yahoo email or Outlook or Gmail, hit attach and go."

Although consumers tend to be initially skeptical of the software, it works, and it's gaining in popularity. After all, everyone hates bounce backs. 1.8 million consumers have downloaded the company's software so far. About 40 terabytes of data travel over its service a day.

"We're doing five million downloads a month," he said. "Video is most of it."

Pando makes its money on ads: an ad pops up as the recipient is getting his or her payload. Early next year, the company will come out with a premium version with a fairly low subscription fee, he said.

Levitan might be familiar to some of you. He founded iVillage and Flooz, two Internet companies from those crazy days in the late 90s.