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See the Windows 10 Start menu in action

Take a look at the new and improved Windows 10 Start menu, care of the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

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The full-screen Windows 8 Start screen has been a real sore point for many of us, and Windows 10 aims to fix all that. The new Start Menu featured in the Windows 10 Technical Preview combines many of the smart ideas Windows 8 introduced with the usability we've grown used to in previous versions of Windows, giving the best of both worlds.

While the full-screen Start screen in Windows 8 might prove useful on tablets or convertible devices equipped with touchscreens, much of the work we do in Windows still involves a keyboard and mouse.

On my Windows 8 PCs, I generally find myself sticking to the desktop and ignoring that Start screen entirely, which leaves me missing out on many of the genuinely cool features that things like Live Tiles and Modern apps have to offer. This new Start menu is a nice compromise, serving up the best of Windows 8 in a familiar package.

There's still plenty more to see with the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Check out my preview of the upcoming operating system , and be sure to follow along: I'll be updating my impressions as new builds arrive and new features are baked in.