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See how big things are with Sizeasy

How big is that new cell phone compared to your old one? Find out before it's in stores with Sizeasy, a slick little piece of Webware that lets you compare things visually.

When new gadgets are announced, it's often weeks if not months before you can see them in person to gauge their size. Sizeasy is a slick and simple piece of Webware that lets you plug in the dimensions of any product and compare it to real-world objects.

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What really makes it fun is selecting from a drop-down list of real products to measure your object against, such as a door, a mattress, a box of matches, or a wine bottle. You can include up to five objects for your comparison.

When you're done, you'll receive a link to share your comparison with others. Sizeasy also provides you with a graphic of your comparison, which you can save on your hard drive or post to your blog or Web site.

Sizeasy is a simple and enjoyable tool to use. It's easy on the eyes and very intuitive. Aside from measuring gadgets, there are real-world applications for comparing the size of objects you already own, or to see exactly how much that new TV you want to buy will dwarf your old one.

[Via Lifehacker]