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Cosplayers dress to impress at Russia's Starcon

Dedicated fans wear elaborate costumes to show their love for "Game of Thrones", Fallout, "Godzilla", Star Wars, comic book superheroes and more.

Fans who love to dress up as their favorite film, TV, comic book and video game characters don't just reside in the United States. Our Eastern European friends reminded us of this at Starcon in St. Petersburg, Russia, where cosplayers donned their DIY costumes and strutted their stuff.

In two videos, Starcon Старкон 2016 Russian Cosplay Part 1 and Part 2, posted on August 25 by YouTube channel Beatdownboogie, fans are seen dressed in highly detailed costumes as Captain Kirk, Hulk Hogan, Chewbacca, Link, Poison Ivy, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Batgirl, Ahsoka Tano, Darth Maul, Deadpool, Jon Snow and even Godzilla himself, just to name a few.

While mainstream superheroes and villains are easy to spot, there are plenty of costumes from various video games, anime and manga that might be a bit more obscure. How many different characters can you name?