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Watch a dog wearing a GoPro happily chase after a drone

Get a dog's POV of racing after a drone with these adorable videos from YouTube celebrity Jenna Marbles.

Dogs love to chase pretty much anything that gives them a chance to run fast. So it makes sense that quadcopters and drones make for perfect canine playdates.

YouTube vlogger Jenna Marbles posted footage Wednesday of her cute dog Kermit running after a drone in a field. Kermit is a celebrity in his own right. The dog has more than 102,000 Twitter followers.

"He's a Greyhound, he's a sighthound and he loves to chase things," Marbles said in the video. "He doesn't like to play fetch. He just like to run after the drone as fast as he can...It's completely hysterical."

While it's fun to watch Kermit chase the drone from both the dog's viewpoint and the aerial footage, Marbles explains in the video that Kermit wasn't put in harm's way for the sake of a funny Internet video. "I would never do anything that would put him in any sort of danger, or have the possibility of being harmed," Marbles added.

For those who want to see the dog's point of view without the happy-music soundtrack, Marbles also uploaded the raw footage taken from the GoPro Kermit wore while chasing the drone.

If you get motion sickness easily, you might want to skip this vid. But it is hilarious to see the dog's ears flapping in the wind and the occasional tongue sticking out.