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Seattle gets groceries from the Amazon(.com)

Live in Seattle? Tired of grocery shopping using your feet? Use your mouse and Amazon Fresh. has a new online grocery service for Seattle residents called Amazon Fresh. Users can pick from an selection of grocery items and have them delivered to their home, or one of the local "pickup centers." The home delivery options come in two flavors--a predawn delivery in a temperature-controlled crate, and a scheduled in-person delivery within a one-hour time slot of your choice. The service is in part the next step to Amazon's "Food and Grocery" section, which contains nearly everything except foods that require refrigeration.

Online grocery shopping is not a new phenomenon. Several services offer regional grocery deliveries, including FreshDirect, SimonDelivers, PinkDot, PeaPod, and the long-defunct Webvan.

Amazon Fresh is currently limited to the Seattle area, and by invitation only. To get an invitation, you can use this request form.

[via TechCrunch]