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Search companies seek answers

Yahoo goes after speech tech and local content, Google's teams with Sun, and everyone wants to hit the books.

They're a restless bunch. Yahoo's after speech tech and local content, Google's pairing up with Sun, and everyone wants to hit the books.

Speech engineers can work for Yahoo, court says

Court declines temporary restraining order in employee-poaching lawsuit brought against Yahoo.
October 5, 2005

Google adds Princeton president to its board

Shirley Tilghman, who's also a molecular biology professor at the university, may aid Google's efforts in science.
October 5, 2005

Yahoo acquires Upcoming.org

Company expands its local-search offerings by acquiring social events calendar site Upcoming.org.
October 5, 2005

Sun moves into Google orbit

special coverage Alliance aims to boost Sun's Java and Google's Web-based tools, but could also herald a challenge to Microsoft.
October 4, 2005

Taiwan to Google: We're not a China province

Claiming sovereignty, the foreign ministry asks the search giant to stop calling Taiwan a "province of China" on Google Maps.
October 4, 2005

Europe aims to rival Google with digital library

European Commission plans to preserve citizens' "collective memory" by digitizing Europe's written and audiovisual heritage.
October 3, 2005

Yahoo to digitize public domain books

Site is launching library-digitization project to rival Google's controversial program, but Yahoo effort avoids copyright mess.
October 2, 2005