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Seagate backs up NetWare, NT

Seagate Software is taking direct aim at the storage backup market with ExecView, which manages backups on NT and NetWare servers from a single console.

Seagate Software's Storage Management Group is taking direct aim at the Microsoft Windows NT market with a new product that can manage backups on NT and Novell servers from a single console.

Though Cheyenne Software has effectively cornered the NetWare backup market with its ARCserve product, Seagate has taken the lead in Windows NT backup software via the recent acquisitions of Arcada Software and Palindrome.

ExecView is a client- and server-based product that lets administrators manage Seagate Backup Exec for Windows NT or NetWare backups from one console. Furthermore, ExecView can monitor backups as they occur or from a remote location. In order to manage backups of both NetWare and NT servers, the Seagate Backup Exec products for those two platforms must be running.

ExecView also allows administrators to choose particular servers they would like to monitor during backups from the console.

Seagate also unveiled revisions to its product line, aligning a wide area of utilities acquired last year into several areas: desktop storage management, data protection and storage management for NT and NetWare, centralized administration, and agents for backups of specific applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server.

ExecView is available this month and is priced at $1,395 for five servers, $3,595 for 20 servers, and $5,595 for 50 servers. Version 7.11 of Backup Exec for NetWare is also available.