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Scoble's latest adventure: Building 43

Robert Scoble, ubiquitous in seemingly all forms of new media, is joining hosting company Rackspace and starting an online "community" for people "fanatical about the Internet," TechCrunch reports.

Robert Scoble James Martin/CNET News

Robert Scoble, a video blogger and all-around-new-media-phile, has unveiled his latest project, which will focus on creating a content and social networking "community" for people "fanatical about the Internet," TechCrunch reported Saturday.

The project, dubbed Building 43, is being created with his new employer, hosting company Rackspace.

This will be Scoble's fourth job in less than three years. In that time, he's also worked for Microsoft, PodTech, and most recently FastCompany.TV.

"Our content will be available via Creative Commons so you can use our videos or photos or other media on your own sites," he told TechCrunch about Building 43. "You can cut it up, edit it, or claim it as your own."

He explained the origin of the project's name in his blog: "Well, if you visit Google's campus, you'll see that the building that houses their 'master plan' is Building 43 (several of its founders sit in building 43 there too). Microsoft has a building 43, too, which is where many of the developers on Windows and other things sit. I always thought that was funny that both companies had a building 43...Our 'Building 43,' though, is not a place...It's a decentralized community for people fanatical about the Internet. You'll find us on Facebook, on Twitter, on friendfeed, on Ning, and lots of other places too."

Scoble also noted that Building 43 won't focus solely on Rackspace: "We're going to help the entire cloud computing industry get more adoption, users, customers. We'll cover technologies from Rackspace's competitors like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, GoGrid, IBM, and others. Our philosophy on Building 43 is a rising tide lifts all boats, so we're going to look to get you the best advice on both how to build your business better on the Internet as well as have fun, too. We'll also link to the best ideas, videos, demos, blogs, on the Internet."