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‘Scandal’ creator Shonda Rhimes leaves ABC for Netflix

The big-name producer responsible for shows like "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy" signed a multi-year deal with the streaming giant.

ABC's "Scandal" 100th Episode Celebration - Arrivals
Shonda Rhimes is moving to Netflix.
Jason LaVeris

Shonda Rhimes is bringing her trademark jaw-dropping dramatic twists and turns to Netflix.

Rhimes and her production company Shondaland are behind such hits as the long-running "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal" and "How to Get Away with Murder." But after 15 years with ABC, Netflix said Sunday it had signed a multi-year deal with Shondaland.

The new deal with cover a "new series and other projects."

Shondaland is just the latest big name in an ever growing stable of film and television-making talent for Netflix, which has shown a willingness to spend for high-profile projects. While the streaming service made its name for offering backlogs of older shows and movies, it now hooks in subscribers with its exclusive original programming. With Rhimes, Netflix gets the woman behind ABC's #TGIT Thursday lineup of hit shows.

"Her work is gripping, inventive, pulse-pounding, heart-stopping, taboo-breaking television at its best," said Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos in a blog post. "I've gotten the chance to know Shonda and she's a true Netflixer at heart."

In the same statement, Rhimes said that while she couldn't have asked for a better home to start her career, she's looking forward to moving on to Netflix.

"Shondaland's move to Netflix is the result of a shared plan Ted Sarandos and I built based on my vision for myself as a storyteller and for the evolution of my company," she said.

She isn't dropping ABC completely. Shondaland will stay involved with the shows currently associated with ABC. This includes several projects in development, such as a "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff.

Rhimes' producing partner Betsy Beers is also making the move.

"The Shondaland imprint will always be an important part of ABC Studios and we wish them all the best in this new endeavor," said ABC Studios' president Patrick Moran in a statement.

This comes after the Disney's decision to pull its content from Netflix and start its own streaming service -- Disney being the parent company of ABC.

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