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New 'Memories' feature helps you save and share Snapchat moments

A shift in focus from the here and now, Snapchat's "Memories" makes it easier to search for and post old content to your Snapchat Story.

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Snapchat, the messaging app made popular for its disappearing photos, is now documenting history.

The social network on Wednesday unveiled a new feature called Memories, which lets users save content in a sharable way, without having to resort to saving individual images in their phone's camera roll.

Memories are sharable both by re-posting images or passing your phone around to a friend. Individual memories, however, can be locked with a passcode, in a feature Snapchat calls "My Eyes Only," according to a blog post from the company.

To differentiate between new content and Memories content, pics from more than 24 hours ago that are reposted will have a distinctive border around them and include the original date.

You'll be able to search in Memories via keyword, and the company says photos will be cataloged with image recognition technology.

Memories is rolling out slowly. Users will receive a message from the Team Snapchat account when it's available to use.

The new feature marks a shift in philosophy for Snapchat, which has thus far been focused on letting its users document the present rather than the past. It also helps Snapchat compete with social networks like Facebook that make it easier to resurface old content and highlight memories.