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SAP upgrades enterprise planning software

Company updates its ERP software and announces partnership with Intel for RFID technology.

SAP has begun shipping an upgrade to its enterprise resource planning software and has partnered with Intel for radio frequency identification technology.

The dual announcements from the enterprise software giant are designed to maintain its market dominance in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software across a number of industries and to further establish itself in the retail industry with radio frequency identification (RFID) tools.

The latest version of MySAP ERP offers changes to its analytical tools, such as real-time data analysis embedded in all its back-office processes. The changes are designed to address compliance regulations, provide easier access to internal and external information, improve cause-and-effect analysis tools, and streamline reporting tools.

The upgrade will also feature new templates to provide the appropriate applications and information services to specific user groups, or be based on an employee's specific job function or position.

SAP noted that it was able to ship MySAP ERP, which is the company's core product, a month ahead of schedule.

The company, meanwhile, has teamed up with chipmaker Intel to offer customers two paths for implementing RFID, depending on the complexity of their business.

Last year, SAP extended its IBM partnership to focus on offering retailers an RFID technology and services package for streamlining inventory management.